Every worthwhile endeavor Begins with a dream.

When we, Miguel Abbud and David Crider, first thought of the concept of a medical PPE and work apparel company, we thought of "what needs does the construction related industry require for safety items in the field?" We both have long work history in the construction fields, in fact over 50 years. We felt we could full-fill a
need for quality gear from a local supplier at reasonable prices.

We were looking at work clothing, safety vests, hard hats, safety glasses, solid work boots, face shields and masks for dust control. Then the virus hit us all. We met with our newly formed plant in Mexico to see if we could shift everything to producing a hi-quality masks with filters, and a lot of them. And so the race began.


Yes, we have had our trials and tribulations working with designs, customs, FDA, sub-contractors, time constraints etc. But, the goal was and always is to be able to produce a high quality product. That is part of the entrepreneur’s journey, to bring together ideas, people, skills and products so that their company could provide much needed equipment and services for their clients, while providing for their loved ones and employees.


We will continue to add to our line of safety related medical and construction industry products. We hope to meet and thank each and every one of our valued customers along the way! Until then, be safe and know that Safe-Lock will always be working hard for you.


Miguel Abbud & David Crider